We make a Compressed Air Energy Storage System

that helps renewable sources store what they've produced!   Unlike batteries, we do not wear down  -  we're with you for life!  Unlike grid- enabled storage, we do not have carbon emissions!

Solar Panels & Wind Turbines

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines generate power that is sometimes excessive, to balace the load, storage is needed.  Batteries is to go to solution but is expensive as well as needs replacing a couple of times during the Solar Panels and/or Wind Turbine's lifespan.

These off grid solutions are an absolute necessity for industrial customers that cannot tolerate a loss of power when the grid goes down.  In most cases Generators are the go to solution when the grid is down - costly!

Sun and Wind is abundant in South Africa and Africa and its FREE energy.

Renewable Solutions are clean and environmentally friendly.  There is lots of research around renewable energy - carbon credits - energy storage currently.  The push for renewables is a hot topic currently - so watch this space this is our future.

You can choose to embrace the green way of life and become more environmentally concious and make the right choices for yourself and the planet.

Benefits of PV

Solar power is a renewable form of energy, i.e. it won't run out.  It is therefore sustainable to use;

Once you have paid for the equipment the energy is free;

Solar PV can provide electricity for lighting and entertainment     purposes where grid electricity unobtainable;

It provides a safer lighting option than candles and paraffin;

No harmful emissions are caused either through generating     electricity or inside the home;

The photovoltaic industry can provide up to 400% more jobs than     the conventional energy industry

If you are considering a PV system, contact us to discuss your requirements, analyze your energy needs and advise you on the optimal system.


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