We make a Compressed Air Energy Storage System

that helps renewable sources store what they've produced!   Unlike batteries, we do not wear down  -  we're with you for life!  Unlike grid- enabled storage, we do not have carbon emissions!

Power Supply Monitoring

Before offering a solution to our customers, LiGE takes the necessary electrical measurements of your network (short or long-term analysis, with a sophisticated data logger). We conduct a detailed audit on your electricity, making special notes of key areas where money is being lost and efficient energy management can be implemented.

We supply our clients a monthly report that gives them a better understanding of their energy consumption. We also provide recommendations and an energy management plan tailored to your needs

Test Case Senario

Figures based on electrical accounts on power used 

The above graph indicates the municipal account versus LiGE monitoring, and indicates a consistent over-read/overcharge by the municipal device.  Considering that the CT’s used to measure the power factor as well as the current are the same in both instances it can be safely assumed that the municipal meter requires re-calibration. 

Also note that the municipal bill indicated a 33 KVA when our readings were 306.049.  I suspect this was a mistype on the municipal side and was picked up and corrected to 333 KVA the very next month.

During the months that we’ve been monitoring the above client's  power consumption, according to our calculations, they have in all likelihood overpaid by approximately R50,723.94 because of the Power Factor overshoot alone.

Needless to say constant monitoring of the power consumption and a Power Factor Correction unit was installed to regulate the power usage.


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