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Power Factor Correction

Before offering a solution to our customers, LiGE takes the necessary electrical measurements of your network (short or long-term analysis, with a sophisticated data logger). We conduct a detailed audit on your electricity, making special notes of key areas where money is being lost and efficient energy management can be implemented.

This allows us to better understand your power consumption and power factor constraints and ensures that our offer is based on sound and accurate information. We also consider physical constraints (available space to install our hardware, ventilation IP rating etc) when submitting a proposal.

Power Factor Correction is an essential tool for Power Users in saving energy and money by lessening the kVa usage, resulting in substantial savings on a monthly basis.

We then meet with our clients and supply them with a report that gives them a better understanding of their energy consumption. We also provide recommendations and an energy management plan tailored to your needs.

We minimise downtime incurred as a result of the installation of our equipment, through careful planning and consultation with you. After the required hardware is installed, you will notice an immediate improvement in power factor, a more efficient use of your available electrical power and of course monthly savings in your electricity bills.

Following a step-by-step process we can help your organisation make informed decisions about energy management, usage optimization and energy savings potential.

LiGE provides state of the art POWER FACTOR CORRECTION units using fire proof switch gear and high quality capacitors and relays.

Various designs are available and combinations of banks able to supply the best combination to suit the correction necessary.  The controller monitors the phase and the power on the conductor and adjusts accordingly to reach unity.

The importance of power factor in industry is often over looked and can seriously affect the cost of production.  The Kvar uncorrected could cost as much as 20% of the electricity bill and the effect on the heating of the conductors and the machinery.

Adding Power Factor Correction will save money in the long run with an ROI in the region of 12 months on average.  Most systems will last 5 years and with monitoring, can be adjusted quickly, to prevent losses due to increased power requirements.

Industries using electric motors will benefit most from Power

Factor Correction.  Power factor results, in most cases from the reactive force from motors.  This often occurs in automated processes – such as those using:   Circular saws, ball mills, conveyors, compressors, grinders, punch presses, etc.   Saw mills, Plastic (especially extruders) Machine Tools, Stamping, Plating, Textiles, Chemicals, Breweries, Granaries, Foundries.

Consumers who have a POWER FACTOR CORRECTION UNIT will greatly benefit from reduction in energy charges, reduction in energy consumption due to increased efficiency of their system, better voltage profiles, reduced losses and release of system capacity.  

Do you have a Power Factor Correction Unit installed?  Have you expanded lately?  Is your Power Factor Correction Unit still operating at its best performance?  We monitor the Power Factor Unit on a minute by minute basis a monthly report is supplied to our clients to compare cost to usage.

Terms and Conditions apply. All statements are conditional and will vary on a case by case basis.

After the initial payback period, which is typically between 12 to 18 months, the saving on your electricity bill will automatically translate into improved profits for your business. After all, isn't that why you're in business?


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