We make a Compressed Air Energy Storage System

that helps renewable sources store what they've produced!   Unlike batteries, we do not wear down  -  we're with you for life!  Unlike grid- enabled storage, we do not have carbon emissions!

Medical Equipment

Servicing, Repairs, Procurement of Medical Equipment.

Specialists in Maintenance, Calibration Repairs and Servicing of Medical Devices and Laboratory Equipment. 


LiGE provides hospitals, clinics and the medical profession with cost-effective Clinical Engineering Solutions.

Our Maintenance division provides medical equipment repair services with the highest levels of quality, convenience and overall satisfaction for our customers.

We've built a great reputation for assisting medical practices/ hospitals / clinics with complete medical equipment repair services.

We've expanded our services from South African into the African Continent

Contact us on info@lige.co.za for a quotation.

LiGE can supply, services and repair the following medical equipment:

Anesthetic Machines

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Warmers

CPAP Units

CTG Monitors



Diagnostic Sets

Diathermy Equipment

E.N.T Sets



Fluid Warmers

HB Meters


  Infant Resuscitator Warmer

Lamps:    Phototherapy/ Portable / Theatre / Rechargeable / Examination


Neonatal Monitors

Oxygen Supplier

Patient Monitors both ICU and General Wards

Patient Warmers

Pulse Oxymeter


Suction Machines

Ultrasound Machines

Vital Signs Monitors

X-Ray viewing box


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