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Medical Equipment - Oxygen Concentrators

Servicing, Repairs, Procurement of Medical Equipment.

Today, many people suffer from heart, lung and other respiratory diseases.  Many of these people can benefit from supplemental Oxygen therapy.  The use of supplemental oxygen concentrators improving the lives of countless people with breathing disorders and chronic lung conditions, you can breathe easier. 


The air is purified before releasing the air to the user, ensuring they have healthy, almost pure oxygen to breathe.  Nitrogen in the oxygen is greatly reduced when the machine processed the air.


Operation Instruction:

Connect the oxygen tube and the oxygen outlet of oxygen concentrator unit.

Make sure you fill the humidifier with pure water (distilled water) or cooled boiling water.  Do not use mineral water it will cause the connect pipe stocked by CaO.


Adjust the outflow by rotating the oxygen meter from 0-5Lpm.

If you do not use the unit in a long time, remove the power cord from the electrical outlet.


Flow meter can adjust from 1-5/6/7 LPM. Oxygen purity from 95-98%.

Oxygen Concentrators - FOR SALE

Oxygen Concentrators - RENTAL Options


From 1 to 6 litre flow per minute with a oxygen purity of 93/95%

Refundable Deposit upon return.             

Rental preiod from 2 weeks to monthly


Documents/Info needed:  

Proof of address,

Copy of ID and

Rental Application

Oxygen Concentrators - REPAIR

Our Maintenance division provides medical equipment repair services with the highest levels of quality, convenience and overall satisfaction for our customers.


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