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Voted as the Best Water Crisis Management Solution at the recent 2019 Southern Africa Startup Awards, Leaper Innovative Green Energies “LiGE” is proud to have the opportunity to represent South Africa at the Regional and hopefully the Global Startup Finals which take place 11-14 December in Gangsha, China.

Numerous invitations to present and/or pitch the Air Battery have come from all over the world including Russia, the UK, Southern Africa and the CleanTech Forum in Singapore and it is this surge of recognition and awards coupled with the ever increasing urgency to innovate a solution to address the global water shortage solution which prompted the LiGE Engineering team to ramp up their efforts.

The results were astounding as the redesign of the Air Battery saw the origination of the LiGE Air to Water System - LAWS whose features are to include a completely stand-alone system which is powered by any type of renewable energy source including solar, wind and/or the grid, the ability to produce a minimum of 500 liters of pure clean water every day without requiring a water source such as streams, rivers or oceans and production costs of just pennies per liter.  

In addition, the South African government's energy department has just released their long awaited 2019 Integrated Resource Plan for Energy which calls for a reduction in coal fired generation plants but also highlights that the IRP2019 plan has made provision for the development of new storage technologies including air energy storage, flywheel energy storage and hydrogen fuel cells.

The future of clean energy storage and the ability to generate water from air is a welcome innovation to a planet in stress and LiGE is ready.

Here is the Public Voting Link for the Global Startup Awards which LiGE has qualified to represent Africa in the Water Solution category:


when you get to this page, LiGE in the Filter by Nomination Name and our name will display.

Then clicking the Vote button at the bottom will display two options - Facebook (login)or email  (add your name and email address) in the boxes and click "Submit" and we ask if you could take a moment to cast your valuable vote for LiGE. Thank you for your continued support!




LiGE - is the 2019 WINNER of the

Best Water Crisis Management Solution South African Startup Awards

To vote, go to http://www.southernafricastartupawards.com.